Backup and Storage

Cloud-based solutions can boost green credentials

Firms could improve their green practices by going into the cloud.

Small and medium businesses could enhance their green credentials by turning to electronic document storage and creating a paperless office.

According to Darren Clare, head of IT services at Zycko, companies could take advantage of the solutions available and use cloud-based services to cut down on the number of employees needing to commute to the office for work.

Videoconferencing can also be deployed for staff to stay in touch with each other when working remotely, and this can be developed for "desktop, mobile and boardroom-style systems – so effectively, that can encourage mobile and home working", he pointed out.

"[However,] video is quite high usage – it uses quite a bit of bandwidth. Technology is moving on more and more and they’re slowly reducing how much bandwidth it uses per video call, but a lot of people – if they’re working from home – may be using their email system, they may also be using CRM (customer relationship management) or Salesforce-type applications, for example," Mr Clare commented.

"All of these applications, if left to their own control, will consume as much bandwidth as they can."

Meanwhile, a report by the Enterprise Data Management Council has outlined this year’s priorities for companies concerned with the security of their valuable information, with particular emphasis being placed on transparency and the management of big data.

Regularity reform will continue to be a significant issue for firms this year, the report claimed, while more companies will be looking into legal entity identifiers, capability measurement and data visualisation. reported that disclosure, global location number, data overload and operational risk management are all scenarios that data management experts would like to see the back of, while the elimination of systemic opacity is the aim of all regulators this year.