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Cloud-based document storage ‘is a great boon for productivity’

Productivity can be greatly increased by moving documents to the cloud.

Firms that adopt cloud-based document storage options are likely to see an improvement to their bottom lines as staff reap the benefits.

This is according to FixYa chief executive Yaniv Bensadon, who told CNet that keeping files in the cloud is becoming the expected method of operating these days, both for personal devices and in the workplace.

"Such solutions simplify document sharing and collaboration across teams, which is a huge boon for productivity, he commented.

The expert suggested researching the different cloud options available, as users will not all have the same needs and all solutions will be better for some than others.

However, some businesses could be lagging behind in terms of realising the benefits of cloud computing. A new survey by AVG Technologies found that more than 95 per cent of small to medium-sized firms in the UK and US regularly use as many as five different pieces of technology each day in order to carry out various tasks, MidSize Insider reports.

In addition, 52 per cent of British and 42 per cent of American respondents admitted that they have to spend up to four hours a week fixing IT issues and security problems that crop up, even though cloud-based document storage is something that could help them with this.

Many smaller firms have the same data issues as their much bigger counterparts, so the study suggests some are missing out on the chance to improve their productivity and stay in control of their IT departments by failing to adopt cloud computing.

Indeed, by keeping documents in the cloud, more than one worker can be connected to them at the same time, boosting productivity in the manner Mr Bensadon was talking about.

Karen Atkinson, tax partner and technology leader at Ernst & Young, also recently pointed out that the low access point for firms looking to migrate to the cloud – as well as the reduced costs that come associated with outsourcing storage and maintenance requirements – makes third-party document storage and offsite backup an affordable, sensible option for small and medium-sized businesses.