Backup and Storage

Adhere to the rules of secure document storage

From a construction industry point of view, sustainability is vitally important. Going paper-free allows construction companies to promote themselves as sustainable organisations, rather than thirst hungry resource-heavy companies – and this can often make the difference between winning contracts or not in an increasingly eco-aware society.

Much has been done to protect consumer information since the turn of the century and this has helped to make secure document storage a big priority for many companies. However, it has also left them having to deal with layers of red tape.

Getronics Chief Technology Officer Tim Patrick-Smith recently discussed how this can impact businesses. Speaking on the Financial Times Connected Business podcast, he told presenter Stephen Pritchard that firms feel under pressure as a result of the regulations. The expert added that government rules should be seen as the most important. “Obviously the most important ones are the ones which come under legislation from the government,” Mr Patrick-Smith noted. “So things like the Data Protection Act, security regulations and the Patriot Act, which is now coming in from the US, these are the ones which push specific legal requirements onto us where we need to have retention of data, categorisation of data and those kinds of things.”

Patrick-Smith also claimed that such rules become even more essential when the customer is a public sector body – as they would expect any supplier to be above board. “Impact assessments have to be done to meet those. Moving back from that it is the security standards that mean our customers can trust that we will cull their data and manage their IT in a secure manner,” he said.

He also added: “There are a number of standards, normally the ISO 2001 standards and quality standard benchmarks, that we have to make sure that we meet internally so that our customers can trust that we will manage their data.”

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