Small Business Solutions

Are you looking for ideas to reduce costs in your business?

At Dajon our focus is on helping clients eliminate cost laden manual processes associated with storing and processing large volumes of paper based documentation. This includes all types of business documentation, everything from application forms to medical records and other sensitive personal data or confidential business files such as HR records and Invoices to delivery notes and documentation associated with every business process.

The one thing that all integrated business processes have in common is that if they are paper based, they are normally slow, resource intensive and  require significant floor space.  Further, because they are critical to the operation of the organisation in one form or another, this impacts on overall efficiency, service quality, competitiveness and profitability.

Our proposition is straight forward. For minimal upfront outlay we can:

  • Bring down the average unit processing cost of any process involving paper documentation
  • Improve the processing time, allowing documents to be processed faster and more effectively
  • Provide the business process fabric to support home working and collaboration between geographically dispersed offices and individuals
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Reduce error rates and their costs by implication
  • Reduce the staff numbers required to operate many  business processes

Our business model is  based on digitally enabling these manual processes through a combination of our capability set:-

  • Secure offsite storage for documents that you must retain to remove clutter and free up office floor space
  • Secure destruction of documents at the end of their life cycle with environmentally friendly re-cycling
  • Document scanning to render documents into searchable electronic format so that they can be made secure electronically (as part of the IT systems back-up strategy) and stored cost effectively to support removal of paper from the office environment
  • Electronic Document Management software to store electronic documents (scanned images and all other electronic documents) providing maximum security, audit trail, version control, instant access to documents from anywhere in the world by multiple users, compliance with regulations for the retention and safe keeping of documents
  • Electronic Document Workflow, taking document management a stage further by providing workflow capability to automatically route documents between individuals in order to speed up the processes they relate to and to provide controls to manage the flow. This could be for example, invoice production and processing, mail scanning and distribution, production control and in fact almost any process within an organisation that is controlled by the flow of documents between individuals or departments.

Minimise your labour and operational resources costs with scanning and data capture

Our scanning and data capture facilities enable us to bulk scan and prepare documents for processing through automated data capture, extracting and then tagging images with meta data to ensure that they are process ready and enabled.

Optimise your office costs floor space and office costs with storage and compliance

Often businesses are required to retain documents from a regulatory perspective. At Dajon we will store the documents in our secure long-term storage facilities once scanned, freeing up valuable office or warehouse space. In some instances our clients have been able to reduce the size (and cost) of their office space significantly.

Improve producivity use EDM for more effective collaboration and support for home working

Our Document Management and workflow solution can be accessed online through any standard browser. It is simple to deploy and can be configured quickly and at low cost to mirror your manual processes in the electronic workflow module. This allows approvals and reviews to be completed electronically by authorised personnel only. Workers no longer need to be co-located.

Ensure Compliance without burdening your operational cost base

At Dajon we take compliance very seriously. We also realise that compliance also equates to costs for many businesses. Our approach to delivering compliance solutions is holistic and incorporated into our entire solution set:

  • When the document is no longer required Dajon can provide a certificate of secure destruction. This is done in an environmentally friendly manner and to support this we have ISO14001 accreditation.
  • You can track all your physical documents in storage throughout their retention lifespan, online through our customer services portal. Our internal processes and procedures adhere to ISO 9001 for which we are also accredited.
  • Our online systems are secure and access to documents has a complete audit trail. Our systems are built to meet the standards required to maintain our ISO27001 security standard accreditation.