Secure Document Storage

At Dajon we offer secure document storage services to clients based in the UK. We deliver a high level of service at cost effective rates. Our proposition is made even more attractive because we do not believe in tying our clients into long term contracts. Our secure document storage proposition is based on a philosophy of:-

  • Pricing that is easy to understand with no hidden charges or fees
  • We do not insist on a minimum invoice level for document storage
  • We do not charge permanent withdrawal fees for removing documents from our secure storage facilities
  • Reducing overall physical file volume with File Saver technology helps reduce storage space used and hence costs.
  • High levels of security to ensure that documents are fully protected at all times

We believe that there are real cost savings to be gained from utilising  Dajon’s  secure offsite document storage. Call Dajon or complete our form to request a quotation. We answer all requests within 24 hours.

Our customers are confident in the knowledge that their documents are safe and secure when they are stored in our facilities.

Perimeter fencing – provides secure facilties for document storage

We start by protecting all our secure document storage facilities from unauthorised visitors. Physical access to and from our premises is controlled rigorously.Only authorised personnel can gain access to the document storage facilities. Access is controlled with the use of advanced electronic, authorisation. Visitors to the facility are accompanied at all times when in secure areas.

Intruder alarms – linking our secure document storage facilities to the emergency services

Vesda smoke detection system & Fm200 gas suppression systems are in place and linked to the emergency services with automatic 24/7 callout in the event of an alarm being triggered. Dajon’s Secure Document Storage proposition ensures that your valuable documents are safe from interference and safe from risks such as fire damage.

Fire safe storage – keeping our clients valuable documents safe and secure

We provide a fire safe environment for sensitive and valuable commercial documents such as medical recordsDeeds and other legal or business critical documents. Our secure document storage facilities utlise gas suppression rather than a sprinkler system ensuring that documents cannot be water damaged in the event of a fire or more likely in the event of an accidental triggering of the sprinkler system when there is no actual fire.

Tracking systems to support our secure document storage service

We have invested in an industry leading bar-coding and electronic tracking system. This enables us to label and track all documents and boxes throughout our secure document storage facilities and during transport to and from them. This means that we can locate and return individual documents or complete boxes quickly and cost effectively whenever required.

This system  also provides secure online access for customers to an online inventory of all their boxes and documents, help customers to manage their storage service effectively and retrieve documents simply and cost effectively through online requests.

Secure transit of client documents to and from site

Customer documents are collected by Dajon staff using our own vehicle fleet and delivered to our secure document storage premises. Our vans are fitted with GPS tracking devices to provide additional protection against theft. No agency drivers are employed and no other third parties are involved in collections and returns. This means that documents are only handled by our own experienced well trained and trusted staff. This is by no means the case throughout the industry.

Call Dajon now on 020 7732 3223 to learn more about how we can help with your secure document storage needs