Deed Storage

We are a specialist document storage company, we hold all sorts of sensitive commercial, legal and personal documents including Deeds in a secure controlled environment.

Whilst the land registry manages most Deeds and changes to deeds online these days the actual original documents still have both commercial and potentially historical value. This is particularly true of older properties. The hard copies still need to be retained.

Our storage facilities are designed to secure all manner of documents, we can scan the original copies and store copies of all the deeds associated with multiple properties securely in a fire-resistant box. So you or your clients have access to both the digital and original copy of any property deed. Each box is bar-coded and this unique reference is stored in our database along with the box location for easy retrieval.

Dajon is also a signatory to the data protection act and all employees are fully briefed on their own and the companies responsibilities concerning the protection of personal third party data including legal documents.

Security is a primary concern with the storage of Deeds

Our premises are secured with high fencing and only authorised personnel have access to the storage facility. We operate our own fleet of vans and all the drivers are employed by the company we do not use outside agencies.

The premises have a state of the art intruder alarm and a gas fire suppression system. In the event of fire or even a false alarm, the deed or deeds in storage are protected from any potential damage typically expected from a water-based suppression system.

Deed storage contracts

Our contracts are straight forward and easy to understand:

  • We do not apply penalties for permanent removal of deeds from storage
  • We do not apply any minimum invoice values to our deed storage agreements
  • We can manage the entire process from end-to-end, including deed collection, retrieval, storage and scanning

Our document storage services provide a safe, controlled environment for a range of sensitive documents and records.