Data Entry

Data Entry Services from Dajon

Dajon employs both manual (hand keyed) data entry techniques supported by software and also sophisticated automatic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based software with manual checking and correction by operators. Taken together, these two approaches to data entry maximize levels of accuracy and speed of capture. In the case of handwritten documents or forms, in particular, some manual data entry is required to capture and validate data. For machine-printed material, the OCR software can often output virtually 100% accurate data without manual intervention. This enables Dajon to ensure that data is always converted to electronic format in the most accurate, timely and cost-effective way. In many cases, the capture software will link with other important applications such as Document Management, HR and Accounts and therefore the quality of the data being entered is crucial to the validity of the processes. Errors at the point of entry can be costly and Dajon takes every care to avoid them.

Data Protection Act Registered Firm: Z1990032

Process Compliant Data is the Key

The key is to capture and deliver accurate data from document images This means that document images can be indexed and stored correctly and therefore can meet compliance requirements for auditability etc. Further, data extracted from the images and stored in databases or used in other applications such as for example, Accounting can be relied upon and be demonstrated to be accurate. Our data capture and data entry teams always ensure that we deliver process compliant documents into the receiving systems. This ensures that scanned documents and extracted data are always easy to locate, available and compliant.

Local Data Entry Services

Normally, Data entry is an integral part of the overall document scanning and data capture process. However, our data entry capability is not geographically constrained as we have the capability to transfer larger volumes of scanned images and captured data around the world quickly, securely and cost-effectively using the Internet. Therefore, if required, scanning can take place locally at our customer’s premises wherever located in order to minimise transport costs and the potential risks associated with the physical transportation and storage of valuable documents.

Managing Data Entry Quality

Managing data entry quality is critical to our customers and therefore to us. At Dajon, our data entry systems and processes, therefore, include stringent four-stage quality control (electronic, manual-operator level, manual-supervisor level, manual-controller level) to remove transcription errors and duplications. This is designed to deliver:

  • High-quality service with vanishingly low data error rates
  • Stringent data and information security
  • Costs aligned to transaction costs of customer processes and made easily affordable by our efficient approach
  • Technology agnostic solutions. Our systems are web-based and we can deliver processed data in virtually any format both on-line and by external computer media.