How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Scanning?

The cost of scanning documents can vary widely depending on a few factors, which include:

– Volume: The more documents that need to be checked, the lower the price per page is typically. Bulk scanning services often have discounts when it comes to bulk amounts.

– High Resolution: A higher resolution while scanning can be costly, just the same as some other services such as the Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

– Service Provider: Different providers charge differently; some even charge per page scanned, per box, or by the hour.

– Document Condition: If your documents need extra preparation, like taking off staples or fixing tears, then these could be part of the costs.

Generally, professional scanning services might charge between £0.04 to £0.12 per image for standard scanning. For high-quality scans or specialised services, costs can increase. To understand and compare costs and services correctly, it is best to get price quotations from a few providers. Watch out for hidden charges, as these can often push the project’s cost over and above your budgeted amount.