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Workers send a staggering amount of emails each year

We knew a lot of emails get sent each day, but this study shows just how many.

If proof were ever needed that British workplaces are using staggering amounts of data, then this is it. A new study has revealed the amazing number of emails sent and received by employees in this country every year.

Research by Warwick Business School discovered that the average person will fire off or read 10,000 new electronic messages per annum, which amounts to around 40 a day.

However, one in 12 has to deal with 100 emails a day.

The study was carried out in conjunction with online archive ‘Remember How We Used To Work’ and also found that one in five office-based personnel never put pen to paper these days and more than ten per cent spend the whole say on a computer or mobile.

One in four even admitted they can’t remember life before email, while one in ten never makes phone calls and instead rely entirely on electronic communications.

Doctoral researcher Will Skillman said: "Technology in the workplace has changed dramatically from telephones and typewriters to advanced personal computers, mobile communications equipment and tablet devices. Yet what isn’t clear is whether this technology-powered workplace is directly helping to improve how we work."

However, 58 per cent of those polled said they think their gadgets have made them more industrious, so it would appear they are having a positive effect.

With all these messages though, businesses may find they become snowed under if they do not correctly manage all the data they send and receive, which can damage productivity.

Law firm Sackers and Partners recently told Channel Biz it used to be one such firm, as millions of documents must be stored by its staff every year for legal reasons.

The company outsourced its data management requirements, had document scanning carried out and now uses offsite storage to keep all its documents safely away from the main premises.

This includes around 1.5 million emails, so it could be relevant to some of the managers polled for the Warwick research.

If you need help to prevent workers disappearing in a sea of emails, get in touch with Dajon Data Management to discuss your personal requirements and to have a bespoke solution implemented in no time.