Digital Transformation

Workers keen to use smart devices in the office

Office staff would love employers to invest in new smart technology.

Workers all over the world are keen to use smart devices such as tablets and internet-enabled phones in the office, according to a new study.

Forrester carried out its 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends and found that 32 per cent were interested in getting a Windows Surface tablet for work, while 26 per cent wanted an iPad.

This amounts to around 200 million people eager to try the new Windows-powered devices, which is quite interesting given that sales have been relatively disappointing at 1.6 million units since October 2012.

However, 12 per cent of respondents already had an iPad, compared to two per cent for Surfaces.

Nine per cent of the laptops in business use were found to be MacBooks and three per cent were iMacs.

Apple triumphed in terms of phones though, as 33 per cent of workers questioned wanted an iPhone for work

The survey also showed the extent to which technology is becoming essential in all different types of industry, as 21 per cent of office workers said they regularly used a tablet for their jobs and 48 per cent reported the same about smartphones.

This research seems to reflect recent comments made by technologist Joe Baguley, speaking to Computing magazine at the Civica 2013 Conference in Manchester, who said ‘bring your own device’ is something of a misnomer.

"It’s actually more about the fact that people want access now to data and applications anywhere on any device. The real challenge is delivering data and applications to any device anywhere," he explained.

Indeed, the Forrester respondents seemed keener on having their employer provide a smart device than taking their own gadgets into the office.

For firms that do purchase new technology for employees, or are encouraging them to use their own technology, it is essential to implement proper data protection methods to protect against hackers.

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