Digital Transformation

UK employees using own devices for remote working

Many companies unaware of device usage could be exposing themselves to data security issues.

As smartphones permeate both the business and consumer market it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to monitor when their staff are using their personal devices for work, a study by Citrix has shown.

Data provided to the company by YouGov shows that in 45 per cent of firms surveyed in the UK, employees already use their own devices for carrying out business.

It also found that only half of UK businesses are aware of all the devices their staff are using for business related operations and as many as 57 per cent have no in-house policies, procedures or IT systems set up to manage the use of personal devices for work related needs.

While there are many benefits to workers using their own devices – 33 per cent of UK businesses have recorded productivity improvements of more than 10 per cent – this does raise concerns over data protection with regards to remote working.

However, 32 per cent of firms are most concerned over the security implications of allowing application and digital document downloading and 29 per cent are concerned over remote access to the corporate network.

Staff bringing their own devices to the workplace seems to be increasingly popular among smaller businesses with around a quarter reporting that their workforce are operating on their on mobiles.

Elizabeth Cholawsky, Citrix vice president said that this trend will open up new avenues to companies.

"The edge of the company network is extended while software ubiquity and complexity rapidly increases. Enabling support, monitoring and managing remote and mobile workers is now a de facto requirement for IT to ensure highly productive and effective businesses," she said.