Digital Transformation

Why use the cloud? Learn more about the benefits

Are you aware of the benefits that cloud computing could offer?

Cloud computing is a term that most people will know – and anyone who has used certain email providers will have already been involved with the phenomenon, even if they weren’t aware of it.

But some business owners may be unaware of how it could help their company to become more streamlined, secure and even productive. Here’s a few top benefits to cloud services that could help you decide to take the plunge.

1.    Employees can access documents and data from anywhere, as long as they have the password. That means they can work from home if it’s impossible to get to the office, plus nobody has to carry memory sticks around that could get lost.
2.    The cloud is scalable. When you sign up with a cloud provider, you’re not stuck on a fixed contract and can vary the storage and other services you need depending on demand. For example, when it’s quiet in December you can scale back, but you can then use it much more in busy periods.
3.    Data protection and regulatory compliance are easy. Your service provider will be able to provide lots of safety measures such as encryption to ensure nothing is seen by prying eyes, plus knowing where all your digital paperwork is means it can easily be monitored and checked to ensure no rules are being broken.

Many people may have been unsure about making the move to the cloud, but its security and functionality mean it is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in companies of all types and sizes. Indeed, it may be that firms without it begin to see their competitors streaking ahead of them before too long.

Don’t let this happen to you – Dajon offers a wide range of cloud services, from intrusion protection and data encryption to the very core of the platform, so give us a call today to see what we could do for you.