Digital Transformation

Technology used to create car industry’s first digital vehicle appraisal system

The car industry could benefit from the use of new paperless technology.

People in the car industry are likely to benefit significantly from a new digital vehicle appraisal system that has been launched by one company.

Valuation experts at AUTOi were keen to implement a paperless system in order to make their services more streamlined, Car Dealer magazine reports.

It comes after the firm’s research found that 80 per cent of vehicle dealers use a smartphone or tablet on a daily basis, while the majority also admitted they would find it easier to assess a car after watching a video of it rather than simply reading a description.

As a result, AUTOi brought in new technology that allows dealerships to appraise, value and carry out other checks on cars, then store or send the information anywhere via smartphones, tablets and PCs.

It means a vehicle’s history, tax details, MOT information can all be entered into the system and called up immediately from anywhere in the world so that dealers know if a problem with the car they are looking at will affect its value.

In addition to this, still images and videos can be added to provide even more data.

AUTOi hopes the technology will lead to a more professional and transparent system that will help companies all over the world to save time and money.

All kinds of industries can benefit from going paperless and sharing information digitally. Earlier this year, dentist Dr Kent Stapley told Dental Economics magazine he is thrilled with his new system as it has made sorting through client records much easier.

He can also access paperwork online using data mining and so has freed up lots of office space.

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