Digital Transformation

Complexity of IT infrastructure causing businesses difficulty

IT managers struggling to stay on top of their system’s operations

Whether it’s cloud computing, allowing employees to use their own devices for working purposes or running virtual networks, modern businesses have a wide variety of IT infrastructure to direct and maintain.

But despite adopting the latest technologies being perceived as one of the best ways to stay with the times and maximise productivity, it appears that this could be hampering many firms that are unable to stay on top of their operations and deal with occasional faults.

That’s according to Royce Murphy, CEO of IT modelling and data visualisation software company Real Status, who explains that nearly three quarters of IT managers believe the complexity of their system’s infrastructure is either "high" or "out of control".

"We know from speaking to IT managers that they often feel they are fighting a losing battle trying to keep on top of all the operations they are responsible for," Mr Royce said.

"It often takes far too long to resolve business-impacting outages and slowdowns, and existing IT management tools simply do not support the mix of technologies."

Given the importance of continuity to a business’s functions and the damage that can be done by any breaks in service, it is vital that companies are able to ensure their systems run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

And if any downtime occurs, it is just as integral that employees are able to quickly address the problem without wasting precious working hours attempting to find the source of the issue.

As such, training staff extensively in the functions of the network and showing them how to identify problems could be a good place to start, while disaster recovery measures can also serve as a useful tool in minimising the impact that any IT faults have on productivity.

So considering that the latest technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace, ensuring that your skills do the same may play a substantial role in the maintenance of your IT infrastructure.