Digital Transformation

Companies are transforming into digital enterprises

In recent times, customers are being empowered by constant connectivity and on-demand information – in short, they want the exact information that they need, when they need it, wherever they are.

As a direct result, business requirements are changing faster than ever before; companies simply cannot afford to spend excessive amounts of time implementing new processes or updating old ones – they must stay on the ball in order to fulfil growing consumer demands.

To this end, leading organisations are transforming themselves into digital enterprises. The process can require a dramatic shift in the perception of an organisation (including its physical, logical, and digital assets) to place information at the heart of digital transformation strategies.

A new whitepaper by; “The Digital Enterprise Challenge: An Information-Centric Strategy for Digital Transformation” aims to uncover the value of digital objects and explain how an information-centric strategy for the digital enterprise can transform business processes.

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