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Recycling ‘can help firms streamline data services’

Engaging with staff over recycling could make for a cleaner, greener workplace.

Businesses that have decided to turn to secure document storage in order to streamline their data handling services may find that a cleaner, greener office comes as a result of recycling.

According to Rick Hindley, executive director of the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation, employers need to engage with their staff over making the workplace tidier and more efficient – simply putting a recycling bin in the corner of the office or workshop "isn’t the answer".

"You need to put the collection systems in place with the bins, but it really does need to be supported by a communications program to communicate to the workforce that recycling does make a difference," he explained.

"We’ve seen success stories where, through implementing programs developed through the industry, we’ve seen recycling levels for all materials increase significantly. It’s all about reassuring people that the materials are recycled into something of value, that it’s easy and it’s not a task you’re doing as a one-off."

Investing in secure online document storage is something companies could do to improve their green credentials, as they will no longer need to use paper resources to file important documentation away.

Meanwhile, firms that go further to make their operations more eco-friendly could discover they have an edge over their competitors while saving bottom line costs.

Hugh Jones, managing director of advisory services at the Carbon Trust, noted that businesses now have an "excellent opportunity to look at quick wins", particularly when it comes to reducing energy wastage in the workplace.

"[That] can be acted upon over the winter at a time when bills are higher and you could get a tangible reduction in this year’s energy use and carbon use, and therefore a reduction in the first measurement against the previous year [in the Carbon Reduction Commitment tables]," he added.