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Proper data storage can enhance customer experience, says expert

Companies can improve the services they offer by properly storing and interpreting their data

Businesses are continuing to collect more data from their customers in a bid to gain an insight into their consumers’ needs, preferences and the general attitude about the efficiency of their service.

And being able to gather such information, properly interpret it and implement any changes accordingly could enable companies to enhance their customers’ experience by improving their products.

This would also give businesses a better chance of increasing their potential for growth and success.

"When analysed effectively it [data] allows organisations to clearly see which way the wind is blowing for their customers," said David Parcell, EMEA managing director and corporate officer at Verint.

The idea is that by storing and structuring their data effectively, companies can give themselves as good a chance as possible to respond in a suitable way.

Mr Parcell says that the sheer volume of information that businesses now hold as a result of big data trends makes it increasingly difficult for them to take full advantage of the records they hold, meaning the challenge lies in finding a way to draw insight from the data.

He explains that considering comments and asides customers make when communicating with a company are more useful than older systems of feedback surveys and responding to complaints.

Electronic document storage and effective records management could be two of the ways in which companies go about organising their files in an appropriate, easy to access style that allows them to build on the intelligence they have gathered.

"Teasing these insights from the data your organisation holds doesn’t just present the best opportunity to prove the big data concept, it might just open the door to business success," Mr Parcell added.

In this sense, through handling data in the correct way and using it to their advantage, a company can improve the service they offer while also demonstrating the benefits of collecting reams of data.