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People ‘more aware’ of cost saving with the cloud

More people are beginning to accept that cloud technologies offer cost saving benefits

While people may have initially approached cloud services with an element of caution when the technology first emerged, one expert believes that this is becoming less of a stumbling block as the ability of the networks to deliver substantial cost savings becomes more apparent.

According to Michael Thorne, product director for, cloud computing has become less of a buzz word and more of an established working practice that has a range of benefits in terms of records management and electronic document storage – as well as providing an effective data sharing facility.

"There was a period a couple of years ago where people were sceptical to whether cloud was a buzz word and what it actually meant," he said.

"I think now, people generally accept that certainly for publically-hosted cloud services, there are potential cost savings and synergies."

With many businesses now focusing on ways to cut spending through efficient IT management policies that avoid wasting money on unnecessary hardware, the cloud has emerged as a useful solution – especially as the popularity of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has grown.

Indeed, companies that adopt a cloud network enable employees to access the business’s files from their own devices, reducing the need for extensive spending on supplying every member of staff with their own system.

And the cost saving benefits associated with such policies can extend beyond this, as the cloud is also an effective means of supporting flexible working that can improve productivity and maximise output.

Yet despite the growing popularity of the services, concerns do still prevail when it comes to the security of cloud systems, and so they will have to provide sufficient protection to users’ files if they are to safeguard business continuity and prevent any potentially costly data breaches from threatening profits.