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Office design ‘should prioritise staff wellbeing’

Office spaces need to take staff comfort into consideration.

Investing in offsite document storage could allow companies to free up space in their office, which may improve employees’ wellbeing in the long run.

According to James Geekie, design manager at Area Sq, it is fundamental that office spaces are comfortable areas for workers to spend large amounts of time there.

He pointed out that most people will spend a third of their life at work, so in order to maintain staff and improve their wellbeing, businesses would do well to renovate their workplaces and install new facilities.

"The level of morale is fantastic [compared] with what it was [like] previously, and if done correctly they’ve got every physical facility they would ideally like, and emotionally there’s a sense of pride about coming to work," he said.

"The success of a project really comes through engaging with the users and local team, and properly listening to their needs. Also, hopefully you’d like to think that a facility will last longer because people will also look after it."

By disposing of old files and pursuing a secure document storage policy, firms may be able to enlarge their working area and give staff better conditions.

As author of Show Stress Who’s Boss, Carole Spiers noted, employees need to be able to get away from their desk every so often in order to stretch their legs and reduce their stress levels.

"Sitting at a desk all day is certainly not good for the body or the mind. To aid efficiency and creativity, it is important that employees are able to move around, interact with others and have a chill-out area at work," she commented.

"A chill-out zone enables employees to stretch aching muscles, relax, chat to colleagues and have a much needed drink of chilled water – refreshing the parts that coffee cannot reach."