Backup and Storage

Isle of Man invests in online storage

The Isle of Man government has invested heavily in online data storage.

Businesses looking for a push in the right direction in terms of document storage might take inspiration from the story of the Isle of Man government.

The authority has seen the benefits of investing in online backup and uploading its services to the web.

According to the Guardian, the government has already recorded an increase in functionality as a result of the cloud-based infrastructure it set up for its public services.

With more than 1,000 applications – including email, accounting, customer relationship management and health services – now online, the system now runs much more smoothly.

The newspaper revealed that the infrastructure has increased data availability and system performance eightfold and storage utilisation is also up by 40 per cent without having to purchase more hardware.

Meanwhile, costs have been reduced by 15 per cent, which is sure to entice any firms looking into secure online document storage for their own business.

Isle of Man government chief technology officer Peter Clarke extolled the virtues of the move, telling the newspaper that the technology has allowed the island to streamline its access to records.

"By virtualising our entire server platform and all service applications, the Isle of Man government has significantly increased service levels as well as data flexibility and availability," he explained.

"In the case of the health service, this means individual patient records are now aggregated and appropriate information made instantly available to doctors, EMT specialists, ambulance technicians, surgeons, nurses and other authorised users."

The implementation has been going on over the past five months and has replaced the antiquated disc-based legacy system that was already in place.

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Secure online data storage could be used to run such an initiative and allow bosses to access information as and when they need it.