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HMRC confirms cloud migration will save department £1m a year

First major government department to migrate to the cloud.

HM Revenues & Customs (HMRC) this week announced plans to become the first major government department to migrate its data storage service to the cloud.

And a follow-up announcement made today (October 3rd) has confirmed that HMRC expects the move will save £1 million a year in data management costs as well as providing a more secure method of document storage for the department.

HMRC has signed a contract with Skyscape Cloud Services as part of the G-Cloud initiative, and expects to start moving data currently stored at local offices to the cloud this month in a project due to conclude by the start of next year.

According to a statement from the Cabinet Office, the G-Cloud network was initially set up to "substantially reduce the cost of communication services across UK government and enable new, joined-up and shared public services for the benefit of citizens".

And HMRC spokesperson Phil Pavett said the move would help the department hit government-mandated efficiency targets by providing a cheaper, greener and more secure service.

"This change will save over £1 million a year in running costs and will increase reliability and security of HMRC’s internal IT services," the HMRC chief said earlier this week.

"The Skyscape contract is a major step for HMRC in moving away from traditional ways of working with large service providers. And it’s a great example of how we’re exploring smarter, more innovative solutions that make life simpler for us and help us provide a better deal for our customers."

HMRC did not reveal the nature of the data that would be migrated to the cloud, with a spokesperson refusing to confirm to that citizen’s personal data would be migrated as part of the move.

However, they did confirm that the migration would be in line with existing data protection legislation and policies – as well as saving the department money.

And the HMRC’s decision to migrate to the cloud could lead the way for further major government departments and corporations alike to embrace a more secure cloud service.