Backup and Storage

British schools leaving their data at risk

A number of schools in Britain are not employing adequate security systems to protect their data

UK schools are currently employing data systems that do not provide sufficient security to staff and pupils, EdExec has reported.

The outdated methods of storage that are currently used in some British schools are said to make records more easily accessible and thus more likely to be exposed and fall into the wrong hands.

This older technology is leaving details of staff and pupils in a number of areas around the country at risk of a security breach, as information is backed up in physical form and not secured via up to date backup software.

Clearly, ensuring sufficient protection of certain records is integral to safeguarding the details of people in a wide range of areas, with schools being of particular importance when taking into account the risk at which leaked data can place children.

To address the problem, various options can serve to provide greater security for information that is designed to be restricted, with online backup providing a good alternative to keeping physical stores of files.

The advantage of using such measures applies to both schools and businesses, and not only provides protection for employees, but also for records of business deals and other data that needs to be securely stored.

Indeed, document storage on computer systems and servers also removes the need for keeping endless paper work and is thus a bonus for the promotion of greener, more renewable energy.

Understandably, the threat faced by the schools that use the older technology needs to be addressed to safeguard the details of staff and pupils, but also that of their families given the extent of the records that schools have to keep.

With many systems that can provide the necessary security to such data via software and remote storage available, schools will have to be encouraged to invest to prevent any potentially dangerous breaches of their details.