Document Management Software and Solutions

Document management software is a key component for data management

As a traditional data management company we use document management software to help organisations transition from the management and storage of paper based documents, records and files with our document storage and archiving solutions to the digitisation and management of these paper based assets electronically .

Dajon Data Management provides a complete document management solution that can be purchased either as software to install and run locally on your own servers or as a hosted service available securely via the Internet.

We regard document management as key to delivering an integrated approach to data management, providing one instantly accessible virtual filing system for digital scanned copies of paper documents as well as almost all electronic files such as PDFs Microsoft Office Documents and JPEGs and also including email correspondence and attachments. Implementing a document management system provides a number of significant business benefits:

  • Improved Security
  • Reduced record duplication
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Reduced office administration costs
  • Improved speed of access
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved collaboration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Improved customer service

Our approach to providing business solutions is based on a best of breed policy and we have selected the best document management software to meet the demands of our customers based on a number of key criteria:-

Document management software low cost deployment and implementation

The document management software used by Dajon as part of our data management solution is browser based. This makes it very simple to deploy and it works with all the main web-browsers. Once the system has been configured for a new customer organisation, provisioning each new user simply involves issuing a user name and security passwords and tokens. Our expert team will guide you through system set-up and configuration covering areas such as;

  • User roles and access controls
  • Document categories and types
  • Workflow

However, these are not usually large tasks in themselves and the deployment and provisioning of the system can take just a couple of days at a basic level including user training.

Document management software that can replicate existing processes

The document management system has workflow capability built-in. This means that we can easily replicate your existing internal manual processes. The workflow will assign documents to departments and individuals placing documents in a work queue that can be centrally managed. There is no coding involved just very simple menu driven configuration.
Document management software that supports any document type

Our selection of document management software was based on achieving a single virtual repository that combines scanned documents, with electronic office files and emails. This includes scanned images of physical documents, electronically generated files such as Microsoft Office documents including PowerPoint, Excel, Word Email and electronic drawings such as Visio as well as many other file types.

Document management software that improves retrieval and access

The document management solution allows documents to be classified by type or function. This means that you can configure and assign relevant data to each document type and you can also apply different workflow rules based on the document classification.

When documents are added to the system each file can be tagged with relevant metadata such as client account number, name, invoice value, date. The metadata can be defined for each document category.

Not only does this create a very flexible system that is simple and easy to configure it also makes searching and retrieval very simple. For example you could search by client name for all invoices, over a specific date range and value.

Document management software that enables data validation

Our document management system allows for validation of data at the point of entry. This is achieved by implementing rules within the document management software that can be defined as part of the work-flow. For Example invoices and invoice values could be verified against the original purchase order once entered into the system allowing separate rules or workflow to be defined in the event of invoices not matching the original purchase order.

Document management software that supports data integration

We feel very strongly that any document management system deployed should provide an API that allows integration with core business applications such as procurement, accounts or HR. Continuing the purchase order example the system could be automatically updated to notify procurement that an invoice has been received.

Security & access controls inherent with the document management software

Users can easily be set-up within the document management system, each user is assigned a role, and the roles define the access permission both read and write. We create the concept of administrator and supervisor and roles can be defined according to the department and individual, in line with organisational accountability, responsibilities and reporting.

Document management software that delivers a complete audit trail

Each document can be assigned notes and documents can be booked in and booked out of the system providing version control. The document management software provides a complete audit trail and actions can be assigned to specific documents, these actions can be allocated to you personally or other users configured on the system.

Bulk document import or upload speeds up deployment of document management system

Using the virtual drive capability, the document management system can be viewed as a virtual network drive with a folder structure similar to that on your pc or laptop. Documents copied into this virtual drive can have automatic rules applied.

Again extending the invoice processing example, if a user copies a new invoice into the invoices to be paid folder, the system automatically assigns the document in the system as unpaid invoice. Using data OCR the supplier name and account number is read from the invoice automatically.

In our experience these key differentiators, deliver a flexible document management solution at an affordable price point for a wide range of organisations both large and small.