Transglobal Storage Solutions

Transglobal Storage Solutions

Over the past decade Dajon has successfully established links with partners across the country and internationally giving us not only a national but now a full global coverage whilst still keeping the service levels at the highest standard. Benefits of signing a national or global contract with Dajon Data Management Ltd include the flexibility to control continuity of service at each location.

Using a large national or global operator will by definition not give you the flexibility to provide a local service to each of your locations. For example, if storing on a global deal you are tied to that company throughout the world. When you are not happy with the service levels in a certain area and desperate to move to a better supplier; you have to move all contracts throughout the world to a different supplier. This almost becomes an impossible task and financially too expensive, forcing you to put up with an unsatisfactory service. In turn, it will become a nightmare for your national and international branches and a headache for the head office.

Each one of Dajon’s partners are committed to offering a high level of service which Dajon will manage and monitor on the clients behalf, ensuring that the performance and service delivery is consistent.

With Dajon, if you are not happy with the service levels of a partnership company; Dajon would organise the change of supplier independently from the other areas; organise the change of supplier and movement of items, enabling a seamless, effortless and stress free experience for the client.

Summary of the benefits

National facilities & service

All facilities used throughout the country have to meet the same specification. Each partner is carefully selected and has to have a proven track record in offering high levels of service.


All areas throughout the country would be using the same software to manage the accounts; giving conformity to the users throughout the world.

Invoicing & Payments

Dajon offers the customer the ability to pay for subsidiary offices through a Dajon centralised invoice.

Contract Flexibility

Not being tied to one supplier throughout the country enables clients to flexibly move to other suppliers when certain areas are not performing to the agreed level. If and when required, Dajon will organise the change of supplier creating a seamless and stress free experience for the client.