Records Management and Storage

For sensitive documents

At Dajon we aim to provide a competitive and transparent t records management capability to meet all your document storage needs. Our services are built to provide a clear ROI.

  • We do not lock clients into unnecessary, long-term contracts
  • There are no minimum monthly charges
  • We will not charge clients permanent withdrawal fees for removing documents from storage
  • All records are boxed, bar-coded and tracked in our online inventory system
  • You can track the lifecycle of all documents
  • We will securely dispose of all documents providing a certificate of secure destruction once you are happy that they can be destroyed and that your regulatory obligations for the storage of records have been met.
  • We store a wide range of sensitive documents for all sorts of clients, these include; financial information, client files, medical records, legal documents such as wills and deeds, drawings both architectural and engineering and other sensitive commercial documentation.

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Records management requires a cradle to the grave approch

Records storage and management is not just about putting old records into a box and then sending these to any old warehouse. Careful consideration must be given to the entire process from collection of the records, their retrieval when access to them is required, their physical security, data protection, audit trail, inventory capabilities and so on.

Our drivers will log, index and pack your records ready for storage

At Dajon we operate our own transport fleet, driven by our own team of drivers to manage the collection of your sensitive records. All vans have trackers and our drivers are trained to log, index and if required, to pack your records into boxes before transportation. All aspects of the job are covered in order to provide a secure service with full auditability.

Online tracking for records in storage

Once the records are delivered to our storage facilities, each box is given a unique barcode and entered into our records management system. This allows us to quickly locate and retrieve any box and our clients to track and monitor records in storage online.

Security is key for the storage of sensitive records

Each Dajon records storage facility is protected by perimeter fencing with stringent access controls, camera surveillance and both intruder and fire alarm systems connected directly to the emergency services. The supporting fire suppression system is gas rather than water based to avoid the risk of water damage.

Selecting the best records storage environment for your business

Depending on the type of records you are looking to store we have a range of storage options that take into account your access requirements, security, the type, volume and size of records. These are summarised as

  • Boxed Storage
  • Open Boxed Storage
  • Open File Storage
  • Drawings
  • Fire Safe Storage

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Retrieving your records from storage

We don’t use the need for permanent retrieval of records from storage as an opportunity to charge additional fees. Our rate card is clear, transparent and provided at the start of any commercial agreement. We have a number of retrieval options:-

  • Next Day Retrieval
  • Emergency Retrieval –delivered with 24 hours for a premium rate
  • Scanning on demand – We can provide a scanned copy of the record in storage and return it electronically

Disposal of Records in Storage

For many organisations the regulatory conditions that they operate in dictate the policy for the retention of records in storage. Clearly it is important to remain compliant and to be in a position to demonstrate the case. Dajon can provide full inventory of all records in storage and documentary evidence of all records removed from storage and returned or disposed of securely.

Online access to our records storage inventory

Each Dajon client has their own secure and unique logon to our database. This can be accessed from the internet and will only provide details of the records held in our storage facilities by that individual client.