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Are you searching for Document Storage in London?

Dajon’s secure document storage facilities in London enable us to provide a local service, incorporating a comprehensive range of state of the art services. Having been established in the market for over of ten years we are extremely responsive, reliable and competitively priced. We offer a number of specific advantages to our customers including:

  • We do not charge a fee for permanent removal of documents from storage
  • We do not write our contractual agreements to include a minimum monthly charge
  • We manage the entire process from assessment, to collection through to storage, retrieval and ultimately disposal of documents in storage
  • Our pricing is clearly defined up-front, we do not believe in hidden charges
  • Our technology reduces the amount of physical storage space required for most documents
  • Documents can be retrieved physically or scanned and provided electronically minimising time delays and environmental impact.

As a result of this business philosophy we have many long standing document storage clients from across London.

Dajon provides a complete local service for Document Storage in London

At Dajon we believe a managed service should be a managed service. The location of our facilities in and around London ensures that we able to provide a fast, cost effective, secure and comprehensive service:

Collection of documents for storage across London

Security of documents is vital to our customers and therefore to us and for this reason in particular, we use our own fleet of vans and our own experienced, trustworthy driving team who are all permanent employees rather than agency staff. Each van has a tracking device and our drivers are well trained to carry out collection duties for document storage in London. They will pack, index and tag boxes ready for storage as required in each case.

Delivery of documents to our storage facilities in London

Each box is bar-coded, registered on our system and then stored in a designated location in one of our document storage facilities in London. Individual boxes and their contents can then be tracked by the client online via our document storage inventory system.

Security and document storage in London

Dajon’s premises are anonymous to prevent identification by malicious third parties. They are also well protected, with security fencing around the perimeter and robust electronic access controls for all entrances. Camera surveillance, monitored intruder alarms and fire alarms that are linked to the emergency services ensure a high level of intrusion and fire detection and rapid response in the unlikely event that it is required. Gas based fire suppression systems operated alongside a stringent fire prevention policy minimise the risk of fire and mitigate against the risks associated with water damage.

Access and retrieval is a key driver for selecting document storage in London

We provide a range of storage options for your documents. For many of our clients, rapid simple access to documents and retrieval of documents is often a key consideration and being based locally in London is a significant advantage for Dajon in this respect. Other factors in supplier selection are; security, confidentiality, flexibility, customer service and cost, all areas where Dajon excels.

Retrieval options for documents stored in our London facilities

Documents can be retrieved from storage 24/7 with as little as two hours guaranteed response time from point of request to delivery of the documents to the customer physically or if preferred, electronically using our scan on demand service.
The benefit of selecting a local supplier is that this whole process can be tailored to your specific requirements and time to accomplish all aspects of service delivery is always minimised.

We provide a number of service options designed to give you the service that you need at the best price available. This applies equally to the collection, storage and retrieval elements of the service, there are no hidden charges and you will know the charges for each option up front when you sign our agreement.

Local disposal of documents held in storage in London

We understand that industry regulation often dictates how long specific documents must be held and how they should be disposed of. Our systems enable us to keep track of documents in storage to ensure that they can be disposed of at the correct time. We also certified provide proof of destruction and this process is managed locally in an environmentally friendly manner.

Go online to track your documents stored in our London facilities

We will provide you with a secure log on to our inventory so that you can track all documents held in our London storage facilities.

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