Document Storage for Maps and Drawings

Long Term Document Storage for Maps and Drawings

Large scale engineering drawings surveys maps or architectural drawings can be difficult to store on a long-term basis. They take up so much room and the documents themselves are often quite fragile and susceptible to erosion from the day to day environment.

Many such large scale drawings are usually held in a digital format these days. However for those documents that perhaps either have historical significance or need to be held securely for practical operational reasons offsite storage is a real option and one worth considering.

If you have a large number of these maps or drawings already held in storage you may be able to free up valuable floor space by using an offsite storage facility:

  • We do not charge clients removal fees for holding maps or drawings in storage
  • We will never insist on a minimum invoice value
  • We provide specialised storage containers to preserve the maps or drawings whilst in storage
  • We can provide firebox storage facilities
  • We can digitise or scan the maps or drawings prior to going into storage

Controlled access to your drawings or maps in storage

Given the types of documents we store on behalf of our clients security is critical, this includes; fencing, strict access control, video monitoring and sophisticated alarms for both intruder and fire.

Unauthorised access to the storage units is prevented with a state-of-the-art intruder detection system linked directly to the local police station. We have video monitoring throughout the facilities.

Advanced fire protection for maps and drawings whilst in storage

We hold your maps and drawings in a safe controlled environment whilst in storage. If you are looking for added protection we can provide the option of firebox storage for sensitive maps and drawings.

Access to maps and drawings whilst in storage

Physical access to the original maps or drawings in storage is possible with a supervised visit. Alternatively there are a number of options:

  • We can return the maps or drawings from storage within two hours if required. There are a number of services and cost options available.
  • The maps or drawings can be scanned prior to storage, the documents (including meta data) can be accessed securely online through our document management system there are alternative including secure FTP server or on CD or DVD.
  • We offer a scan on demand providing digital copy of the maps and drawings held in storage. This means that the original remains safely in storage, often saving time and money.

Secure online inventory to track maps and drawings whilst in storage

When your maps or drawings arrive for storage, our staff will index and scan the documents into our system using a barcode. We can track the documents, and the activity relating to it throughout the period for which it is in storage.

Dajon offer a range of document storage solutions for sensitive paper files and records.