Document Storage Companies

Dajon is a company that provides a complete document storage service

As a document storage company we have developed our business and our service proposition to meet the changing needs of business over the last ten years, largely driven by changes in regulation, cost of office space, and an ever increasing need for all businesses to maximise efficiency and customer service through rapid access to information. We operate on a business philosophy of transparency and we always look to ensure our services deliver a clear ROI:

  • There are no penalties for removing documents from storage permanently. We provide a standard rate card with a range of retrieval and disposal options.
  • We do not write minimum invoice charges into our document storage contracts.
  • Dajon manage the entire process from end-to-end, including document, collection, retrieval, storage and destruction.
  • We use space saving technology which in many cases will increase the amount of documents stored in a box and therefore decrease overall storage costs.
  • We don’t tie clients into long standing contractual agreements unnecessarily.
  • We like to build long term relationships with our client and we have many long standing client relationships.

Dajon the document storage company delivers a complete managed service

As a specialist document management company, as you would expect, we invest heavily in the people, processes and tools to deliver an end to end service capability:

We use our own vans exclusively – unusual for a Document Storage Company

Many document storage companies sometimes use third parties to collect and deliver what are often sensitive documents or files. At Dajon we believe in always managing the process directly and this is an essential part of the service. We operate our own fleet of vehicles. Our drivers are employed directly and all our vans are fitted with tracking devices. We always ensure sufficient capacity so that third party vehicles and staff are not required.

Security is important to us as a document storage company but this is not the only reason for operating our own fleet. Our drivers will pack, index and label your documents in preparation for storage. This helps to improve the quality of service and reduces your costs as a client.

As a Document Storage company we both collect and deliver

Once delivered every box is then tagged with a bar code. Using this unique identifier each box is then registered on our system along with the location of the box.

Security is a key factor for any document storage company

Our premises have no signage, all facilities are fenced securely to protect the perimeter and control access to and from each location. Security cameras are in use throughout and as you would expect we have deployed highly sophisticated, intruder alarms systems. The fire alarms and gas suppression systems are linked directly to the fire-service.

As a specialist document storage provider we have a range of storage options

We will work with you to ascertain the most appropriate storage solution to meet your requirements, taking into account how often you need access, what type of document is being stored and how much protection is required.

We provide a range of document retrieval options

We provide a tiered pricing service for document retrieval, whether you need to retrieve the original document from storage or whether a scanned version can be used, retaining the original in storage. Many document storage companies will hide their excessive fees for recovery of documents.

Safe disposal of documents held in storage

Once a document has exceeded its useful life then generally regulation will demand that the document is disposed of correctly and securely. It is not just security that is a factor here. There is a growing demand for consideration of the environment. As a document storage company we understand this and we provide a secure environmentally friendly disposal service.

Go online to track your documents stored at Dajon

We will provide access to a secure comprehensive online system that tracks all your boxes and documents in storage. Again this is part of the service and helps differentiate us from many of the document storage companies out there.

You can find out more about Dajon’s document storage solutions and services by clicking below.