Invoice Scanning

Delivers real operational cost savings

Our invoice scanning service can help you reduce the overall cost of processing an invoice whilst providing real-world efficiencies in your day-to-day operation.

If you are looking to reduce complexityreduce costs and improve efficiencies within your organisation. Then we can help. Dajons Invoice Scanning service can help you deliver quantifiable operational efficiencies by reducing the overall cost of invoice processing.

Our secure scanning facilities provide the perfect platform for outsourcing your invoice scanning. Our storage and archiving facilities combined with our document scanning and workflow capabilities enable our clients to comfortably outsource the scanning of large volumes of commercially sensitive documents such as invoices.

Invoice Scanning Service

Dajons invoice scanning service is supported by comprehensive, secure, document storage and archive facilities which allow us to store and retrieve documents cost effectively and efficiently. We find that we can store sensitive documents more securely and cheaply than most in-house solutions and that is without considering the benefits of freeing up valuable office space.

Dajons invoice scanning service can be tailored to the specific business needs of each client. We offer a range of service options and price points. Our service starts with the basic invoice scanning service where we simply provide a digital output of the scanned invoices any one of a number of formats including TIFF, PDF, Word and Searchable PDF.

This output can also include the file indexing and meta data creation when scanning invoices.  The meta data provided is defined up front as part of the invoice scanning service definition.

Highly Flexible

At the other end of the scale, we can offer a more complete solution, combining the invoice scanning service, with Dajons Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions. Our systems provide workflow and notifications so that invoices can be routed automatically to approvers, authorizers and then for payment. We also have data entry operatives who can enter invoice data into accounts systems such as Sage on behalf of the customer, so that we can effectively provide a complete end to end solution.

In summary, the service includes process management; physical and electronic storage and retrieval facilities together with processing of scanned invoices and the paper copies, securely, cost effectively and quickly and with full audit trail and document version control.

Find out more about our Document Scanning Services and Solutions. We provide document scanning for other commercially and personally sensitive documents.