Reliable and Affordable Document Scanning

  • Same day collection and scanning.
  • Low costs from 1p per sheet.
  • No hidden costs, the price we quote is the price you pay.
  • We scan just about anything, large or small, colour or black and white.
  • Secure, regulated service. You can trust us with your documents.
  • Industry leading standards. Fully ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 compliant.
  • Your own account manager. You will not have to deal with a faceless call-centre.
  • We collect, scan, upload and store your data securely, online. We can even destroy it confidentially when no longer needed.
J. Sidhu
J. Sidhu – Director, Corporate Risk Associates Ltd

Dajon provided us with the perfect cost-effective solution by scanning masses of our valuable documents. We have been delighted to find that files, records and even bound reports have been comprehensively and accurately captured electronically. Dajon’s scanning has saved us storage space, time and costs.

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Defining the criteria for selecting a document scanning service provider

Intuitively we all understand that document scanning often provides a cheaper alternative to storing the physical copies. This is in addition to other obvious benefits such as work group collaboration and speed of access.  However, there are a number of factors to consider when evaluating both  the costs and the benefits of sourcing a document scanning solution:

The commercial viability of document scanning

Document Scanning is usually the best option if there is either a requirement for reasonably frequently access to the documents or the originals can be disposed of. This is because electronic storage reduces the administrative cost associated with access dramatically and frees up expensive office space for more valuable activities.
Obviously the decision is simplified if you simply need to scan the document and have no need to retain the original. In this instance Dajon can manage this entire scanning process on your behalf. We help our clients understand the economics of storing  files digitally compared to physically. We help you choose the best  option and build a cost justification for it.

Secure document scanning facilities

Document Scanning also  ensures the physical security of documents far more than any paper  based system because multiple file copies can be held in various  locations on-line and off-line. These can be included in the  organisations IT data backup strategy so that files can never be lost  due to something as simple as an administrative error, or as serious as a  major disaster such as a fire.

Support for large format scanning, and colour scanning of paper document

We scan a wide variety of document types from the size of a postage stamp up to large format scanning A0+. This includes both black & white and colour scanning with very high resolution. We use high quality paper scanning technology, combining industry leading hardware and software with our in-house expertise. In addition we have invested heavily in best practice and have accreditations for both quality (ISO9001) and environmental protection capabilities (ISO14001). Our scale and our investment in these capabilities, ensures that we are  normally more cost effective than an in-house solution or other service  providers.

Paper documents and files can be scanned to most common file formats including TIFF, JPEG, searchable PDF Our data capture skills enable indexing and extraction of meta data in accordance with any reference requirements e.g. File type, Customer Name, Number and Agreement Number, Date, Location etc., for easy identification and retrieval. Scanned files can be loaded onto removable media such as an external hard drive, burnt to CD or DVD, or we can provide easy access to them on-line using our FTP/SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) server and our electronic document management system (EDMS).

Complete project management for our document scanning solutions

Dajon will collect and store documents or files using our dedicated vans to transport the documents to one of our document scanning centres. This includes packing the boxes into storage boxes supplied by us and  cataloguing them using our barcode system if required, for example to provide an audit trail. The documents are stored in a secure paper storage warehouse for the duration of the scanning period. Documents can  always be located quickly and retrieved at any time during the scanning  process using our barcode system so they are always available if they are needed at short notice.Once the documents have been scanned, and the  work is complete Dajon can return them, dispose of them or retain them  in one of our long term storage facilities. Our project management team will manage the entire process end-to-end.

Call Dajon now for a free, no obligation, consultation on your own document scanning needs