Cloud & Enterprise Solutions

Dajon is a next-generation software business, with a dedicated focus on simple, smart and secure document-centric solutions. We deploy these solutions via the Dajon Platform, either within the cloud or within our customers’ own Enterprise environments. The Dajon Platform is mature and has been well-proven in a wide range of challenging scenarios since 2005. All Dajon solutions adhere to the company ethos:


Dajon works the way that you work and the way that your business works. There’s no need to change your existing best practice. Simply have Dajon adjust to suit you.


Dajon incorporates rich and powerful functionality behind the scenes in order to streamline your business processes, but it does this without adding complexity. Dajon is smart but not in your face.


Dajon employs a formidable range of security features to protect against all forms of unauthorised access. From the basics, through intrusion protection and data encryption to the very core of the platform.