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Legal Solutions

Legal Solutions

Document Storage for Solicitors

Securely Store your Legal Documents

In today’s high paced legal environment it is necessary to ensure that your documents and data are fully protected and safely stored. So many solicitors rely heavily on paper based documents and often lose valuable time and money maintaining and organising this information. With Dajon’s legal document service, UK companies can rest assured that their important data is safe, secure and ready to be accessed at any time.

Dajon offers a high quality, efficient service aimed at protecting your company’s vital information by storing it electronically in one easy to use place. Everything from legal documents, emails and client information can be managed effectively using electronic document services, eradicating the need to search through piles of documents to find specific details. Another key benefit of Dajon’s document storage for solicitors is the ability to retrieve any lost document in a matter of moments. With a secure backup system you can ensure that even in the event of an emergency your information can be recovered. Document solutions and services are vital tools for any business, whether you are looking to improve business productivity through a more effective order process system or simply need a better way to organise customer data. Without appropriate document management you are open to the many risks associated with paper based documents however once in a secure electronic document management format you can share, edit and access your information at any time. Dajon’s document management systems are also ideal for providing document storage for local authorities, ensuring that all data is fully protected.