How best to Scan Large Volume of Documents?

Remember, efficiency and organisation are vital components to scan a document stack. Here are some best practices:

  1. High-Speed Professional-Grade Scanner: purchased to enable inhouse production
    • Automatic Document Feeders (ADFs): These help with scanning multiple pages in a document, which otherwise would take longer if done manually. There is a belief that doing large volumes of scanning can be completed more cost effectively if don by an inhouse Team, a  recent study by Dajon Data Management discovered it was more than 3 times more expensive to scan inhouse than to outsource the project to a professional digitisation company, when taking in all the real costs to complete the project.
  2. Options for Professional Scanning Services:
    • They are up to date with technology and combined with highly experienced personnel, scanning is done speedily and accurately. They can handle any kind of document size, no matter how large or even fragile documents that standard equipment might spoil.