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Top tips for dealing with Olympic disruption

Companies need to prepare for the Games before it is too late

The Olympic Games are widely expected to bring London to a standstill. The tube will be overloaded, roads congested like never before and people forced to work from home as getting into the office on time may be near on impossible.

Addressing the problems that the world’s biggest sporting event poses to business is key to ensuring continuity is not adversely affected, and there are a range of services designed to combat the disruption and help companies maintain their productivity levels despite a depleted employee presence in the office.

Data management company Dajon has implemented a system whereby scooters ship important files around the capital, delivering records to businesses overnight – as well as during the day in more pressing circumstances – and also offer a document scanning service to digitise a company’s paperwork.

"We’re now saying people should get their mail delivered to us – we can digitise it and get it sent to your document management system, so people working from home can access digitally formatted mail," said managing director Damien Andrews.

Considering that effectively supporting remote workers is regarded as one of the more important aspects of preparing for the Olympics, this could be an invaluable resource as it ensures employees can access all of the information that they would ordinarily need when working in the office.

The scooter service offered by the company is also a good way to move physical files around London as quickly and securely as possible, as the capital’s roads are expected to be particularly congested and the trains essentially a no-go zone.

"The more we talk to clients, the more we find they’re just not prepared for it [the Olympics]," Mr Andrews added.

If businesses are to deal effectively with the weeks of upheaval that the Games will bring, it appears imperative that they prepare themselves before it is too late.