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The roles that BPO and BPI play in achieving Process Excellence

The purpose of process excellence is to support and enable effective business strategies. Using a variety of methods, businesses can strive to find continual improvement and optimise their work processes, in a bid to achieve better quality and efficiency, lower costs and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) have vital roles to play in any process excellence strategy; as a survey by PEX Network clearly highlighted. The survey: “Shift Business Excellence Into High Gear: Drive Strategic Performance Through Process Excellence” gained feedback from more than 400 individuals and revealed that the action of linking process improvement with top level business strategy still ranks as a number one priority – with 23.1% of process professionals citing it as their biggest challenge.

Businesses will generally fall into one of two camps; they will function on auto-pilot, carrying out daily tasks and processes (and often making ongoing improvements to said processes) without ever questioning whether or not their working habits will lead to success – or they will have an abundance of great ideas about where the market is heading, without having the vision required to implement the right processes, systems and training required in order to capitalise on their ideas.

Very few companies manage to consistently find a great balance between having a vision that is understood by all members of an organisation – and the right systems and processes in place in order to achieve the results that leadership desires. Many professionals cite the task of linking process improvement to strategy as a major stumbling block – perhaps in part due to a corporate strategy that wasn’t clearly articulated in the first place.

Additionally, 32.2% of respondents in the PEX Network survey felt that getting investment and resources dedicated to process improvement was a challenge – and this is where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can come into play.

An increasing number of companies are contracting out the operations and responsibilities of specific business processes to a third-party service provider, such as Dajon. By outsourcing internal business functions, such as accounting, companies can take advantage of a cost-effective way to improve their processes.

As an example; by outsourcing your invoice processing, you could increase your productivity by over 50% – and the actual cost of processing invoices and payments can be reduced by up to 80%. As a knock-on effect, you can achieve higher levels of process excellence via continuous process improvement.

Dajon can help you on your quest to achieve process excellence with our workflow automation and digital document scanning strategies. Whether you need a cost-effective in-house solution or a managed service – we can help you to make your business more effective and profitable. Get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements today: