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Solihull Council finds BYOD works well for its staff

Could your business follow the example of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council?

Lots of companies have begun trialling ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) programmes over the past few months and many are already finding it offers lots of benefits for their workers.

One such organisation is Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, which told Computer Weekly about how the solution has helped it to increase productivity and save money.

Previously, it had been a challenge to allow staff to use their own laptops and tablets while adhering to data protection rules, but this has now been overcome.

Any sensitive data needed is kept in a secure storage area on each device so that it is separate from personal data, which means that users can get to their work-related folders whenever they like without getting them mixed up with personal emails. It also means they do not have to get authentication each time they want to go online.

In addition, employees can access systems and paperwork on any machine thanks to document scanning, so there is a back-up in their devices fail.

The technological overhaul seems to be working, as managers have reported some workers adding up to two hours of productivity to their day when compared to the old methods.

In case of faults, a social media website has been set up by the council so that staff can answer each other’s queries and questions, but it appears not too much help has been necessary.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from BYOD, not just local authorities. Here at Dajon Data Management, we offer a range of services such as offsite storage and document scanning so you can get your paperwork into the cloud and allow employees to work from home.

You may want to think about an encouragement initiative to start implementing them though, as a recent study by Gartner predicted business owners will soon expect staff to buy their own technology if they want to use it for work.