Document Scanning

Dajon assists The National Army Museum by digitising vital historical images

When The National Army Museum needed help converting vital historical data into digital form – Dajon were thrilled to help. Based in Chelsea, London, the museum educates and entertains visitors with a vast array of data, collected over many decades. They aim to be a first class, leading authority on the history of the British Army.

Naturally, much of this historical data was in paper form –they had accumulated around 700 large screw bound ridged folders – equating to approximately 70,000 black and white photographic prints (including photographic records of uniforms) – dating back to the late 1870’s. Stored in the basement, the files were manually accessed by staff as and when required.

Clearly, manual searching for items was a very time-consuming process – and after speaking to representatives at the museum, it became clear that a digital solution was required in order to archive the large quantity of data online – protecting it from potential damage and making it much more easily accessible to staff at the museum.

Dajon embarked upon the task – with the end result that museum staff can now see the objects that they need, quickly, in digitised form – no more trips to the basement! The new digital system means that images can be connected up to the database and references to objects can be made directly via a quick search. This assists staff with their ongoing research, helping them to build a better gallery view and improve the museum as a whole going forward.

We very much enjoyed working alongside The National Army Museum and wish them the very best in their future endeavours.

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