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Companies urged to examine IT use

Firms should look at how they use technology, an expert has advised.

Businesses have been encouraged to understand how they use their technology systems before making energy efficiency changes.

According to the advisory organisation Return On IT, companies should look at how their networks operate and how much power they consume.

"Have they servers running at below optimum capacity? Can they combine work loads on to fewer servers or even go for virtualisation?" asked marketing director Andrew Boddington.

Document scanning and storage could be one way for enterprises to reduce the pressure on their systems.

This service, which is available from document scanning companies, enables businesses to file their data securely on cloud platforms without having to store it on servers.

Staff can then access information electronically, meaning that managers do not need to look after additional technology systems and can also reduce the overall carbon output of their departments.

Mr Boddington also spoke of the importance of recycling old equipment.

"When equipment is earmarked for disposal, it should be done responsibly in a WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) compliant way," he insisted.

"Return On IT will wherever possible find new users for the old equipment having cleaned and data-wiped it, and return the majority of the resale value to the client. Where reuse isn’t possible, recycling is better than sending to landfill."

The comments come after non-profit organisation EuroCloud pointed out that businesses which run on cloud computing enjoy several advantages.

Phil Wainewright, UK vice-chairman of the group, explained that the providers of the application look after its management, keep upgrading it and adding extra functionality features as it is already set up for them.

"So you avoid all of the technology headaches of having to look after your own servers and software and do all the upgrading yourself," he noted.