Document Scanning

British workers looking for flexible options

British staff are increasingly looking for more flexibility, such as the ability to work remotely.

With a growing number of workers looking for flexible solutions, British businesses could be wise to invest in a good document scanning service.

Storing forms and other paperwork digitally online could allow remote staff to access the information they require, where and when they need it.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) recently noted that the number of UK employees wanting to work flexibly is on the up.

Chief executive Kevin Green claimed that this is particularly true in those new to employment, meaning that many firms are changing the way they approach staffing issues.

"There is a growing aspiration for more flexible working. One of the things that always astounds me is young people’s attitude to the world of work," he said.

"What we’re finding is that there are more and more young people who are wanting to work in a flexible way."

Such desires could encourage bosses to investigate the merits of document scanning or digital mailrooms.

Mr Green predicted that the new attitude could "create huge issues for employers, not just in terms of attracting talent, but also retaining it".

The expert added that business leaders would have to think about how they engage with employees and reinvestigate the types of contracts they put in place.

Meanwhile, an Office Team survey recently found that more and more businesses are offering flexible working.

The study discovered that such benefits were often offered in place of financial gains.
Meanwhile, the REC recently claimed that the UK could be set for a skills shortage as the economy begins to grow.

Discussing the topic, Mr Green said: "We haven’t fundamentally, as an economy, tackled the issue of getting our young people to have the right type of skills and employability and there are lots of issues with people not studying STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] subjects and coming out with the right type of qualifications."