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The future of cloud security is ‘safety’, says Symantec expert

Cloud computing will soon be ubiquitous, making security a priority.

Security giant Symantec has this week rolled out new cloud security offerings that it says will ensure the future security of cloud solutions and boost uptake of document management solutions among reluctant businesses.

Senior project manager at Symantic Dave Elliott said that soon cloud-based computing solutions would be so common that it is vital for companies such as Symantec to ensure the security of the cloud.

"We think clouds will be ubiquitous," said the expert. "There will be thousands of clouds, and they will be connected to each other, and we believe cloud will be safe and secure. In five to seven years, I think the term ‘cloud’ will be gone. It will be just how you do IT."

Research commissioned by the company has found that almost a quarter (23 per cent) of business information worldwide is already stored in the cloud, a figure that is set to escalate over the next few years. As a result, rigid security systems need to be in place to anticipate the increased business need and data load across cloud service providers.

Elliott went on the note that the recent Symantec cloud service security enhancement for web, e-mail and instant messaging rollout has resulted in a framework that the company can build secure cloud servers on in the futre.

"It comes with our VIP two-factor authentication," said the expert. "The single sign-on aspect is something that employees appreciate from the standpoint of convenience while at the same time making sure the applications are accessed securely. And, you can set policies and pull out information about access and usage."

The company also announced plans to roll out an updated version of the Symantec File Share Encryption service, one that hopes to make filesharing more secure between companies and when uploading and backing up data to the cloud.