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Law firms urged to protect themselves against cyber attacks

Law firms could be particularly at risk from cyber thieves.

The biggest law firms in the country have been advised to take special precautions to ensure they do not fall victim to cyber attacks that could see them losing sensitive data.

A private briefing has been held with experts from the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and GCHQ, who briefed partners from 40 law firms on technology and the risks associated with hacking, the Law Society Gazette reports.

Attendees were told that most cyber attacks are driven by data theft and commercial espionage, but they were also warned not to underestimate the major disruption that can be caused by IT systems being cut off.

Law Society chief executive Desmond Hudson said firms "involved in international markets, or advising on significant intellectual property matters" need to be particularly careful when it comes to data protection, as these are the companies that are most likely to be under threat.

"Firms who work with one another, the Law Society and government agencies will be safer," he told the news provider, calling for "common endeavour" against hackers.

A group is now being set up for law practitioners so they can share tips on keeping information safe and pass on intelligence about potential raised risks.

According to for Business, Innovation & Skills figures quoted by the Gazette, 90 per cent of larger companies in the legal sector have already been the victim of some kind of cyber attack incident.

Taking advantage of offsite storage such as that provided by Dajon Data Management could be one way of keeping data protected while also making things easier for employees.

Sackers and Partners recently told Channel Biz it now stores more than two million documents this way, helping it to keep on top of its endless paperwork and ensuring clients are not in danger of having their details stolen from the firm’s headquarters.