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How to host a sustainable meeting

Environmental and energy management news provider has revealed details about a new Hilton Worldwide program, created to help professionals reduce waste and incorporate sustainability into meetings and events.

Aligning with customers’ corporate responsibility goals, Meet with Purpose is inspired by Hilton’s corporate responsibility strategy, Travel with Purpose. After gathering feedback from customers and sales team members to identify the most pertinent sustainability issues for meetings and events, the program will focus on two key areas:

  • Mindful Eating – encourages meeting professionals to minimise their food waste and make healthier choices, including the sourcing of local food and establishing central water stations with reusable containers.
  • Mindful Meeting – encourages meeting professionals to host more sustainable events, using practices that are less resource-intensive; ranging from the use of paperless registration and the placement of notepads in a central location, to switching climate control off when a room is not in use.

Hilton anticipates that Meet with Purpose will help to reduce events’ environmental footprints.

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