Digital Transformation

Cloud computing proves helpful for call centres

Contact centres could reap the benefits of clouds computing.

Cloud computing can provide benefits for a number of different industries – we have already featured case studies including a dentist and a fast food provider that are making the most of its capabilities.

However, it is not just healthcare and food businesses that can put it into practice. Contact centres could also find cloud computing particularly useful.

Workplace assessment solutions provider SHL Group told Call Centre Helper that it has already implemented the technology and finds it really helps staff to deliver a faster, more responsive service for customers.

Agents are able to use the system to call up the latest information on the person they are speaking to, as well as having the ability to access it from wherever they are.

This proved especially useful during the recent spring snow, when agents may otherwise have had to take a day off because they could not get to the office – instead, they worked from home.

Spokesperson for the company that provided the technology Jonathan Grant said: "In traditional call centres, human beings went to the technology. Now with the help of cloud computing, the technology goes to the people."

His colleague Amanda Fennell added that the accessibility and resilience cloud computing offers are a big draw for call centres.

One important thing to consider when introducing cloud computing is ensuring the capacity is sufficient before rolling it out.

Morgan Stanley’s Evangelos Kotsovinos recently told Computer Weekly that maximum efficiency can only be achieved with good capacity planning and management, suggesting that required space should be calculated first to prevent over or under-provisioning.

Outsourcing requirements to a company like Dajon Data Management could be an easy way of skipping all these issues and having everything managed securely and within easy reach, as well as ensuring thorough data protection.