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Better understanding will drive big data adoption, report says

Companies are seeing others using big data and want to do the same.

Examples of successful big data adoption will help to drive further use of the medium in the coming months, a new report has suggested.

Gartner carried out a study and found that 42 per cent of IT leaders have already put big data technology in place or plan to do so by this time next year.

They have been driven by stories of how their competitors have benefited from employing ways of analysing things like Facebook posts, allowing them to better understand how big data works.

"After a few years of experimentation and early adopter successes, 2013 will be the year of larger-scale adoption of big data technologies," the report commented.

"Organisations are becoming aware that big data initiatives are critical because they have identified obvious or potential business opportunities that cannot be met with traditional data sources, technologies or practices. In addition, media hype is often backed with rousing use cases," it added.

However, Gartner analyst Doug Laney suggested that business owners may need to put proper plans in place before bringing it to their own companies, as he warned that many organisations only have immature big data strategies in place at present.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, European head of business intelligence at HCL Aneesh Gupta remarked: "Organisations need to learn to walk before they can run when it comes to big data."

This comes after Donna Taylor from the International Data Corporation said at a recent Data Centre World 2013 event that many firms may be finding it hard to cope with the deluge of information heading their way.

It can lead to stress for staff and potentially even data protection breaches, she warned.

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