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Bank says system failure ‘has been fixed’

RBS moves to reassure customers that normal service will be resumed

RBS, Ulster Bank and NatWest customers will be hoping that normal service will be restored to their accounts in the coming days as the bank attempts to recover from the system failure that left many of its 17 million clients unable to access their money and make transactions.

While the glitch in the company’s servers is now said to be fixed, 1,200 branches were opened yesterday (Sunday 24th June) in a bid to help clear the backlog of business and address the concerns of customers.

With many people said to be worried that their credit rating will be damaged as a result of being unable to meet their financial obligations without access to their finances, the bank faces a tough challenge in regaining trust and properly rectifying the various issues that emerged as a result of the system malfunction.

Susan Allen, director of customer service at RBS Group, said yesterday: "I can confirm that we are making progress to clear the backlog of payments and I’m cautiously optimistic that RBS and NatWest customer account balances will be largely back to normal from tomorrow.

"We will automatically waive any overdraft fees or charges on current accounts. This will be processed over the next few days."

And with Ms Allen also revealing that the bank intends to work with credit agencies to ensure that its customers’ records are not adversely affected, it appears that the organisation is taking numerous steps to ensure that no lasting damage results from the break in its service.

The event itself highlights the necessity of efficient disaster recovery strategies that are designed to limit the negative impact that any break in business continuity can have, and the disruption that customers have faced over the weekend is sure to leave many demanding answers in the coming weeks as the bank attempts to reassure consumers that all problems are now solved.