Digital Mailroom

Cut your bottom line costs by using a digital mailroom

Save money and enjoy a streamlined office by using a document scanning service.

Small businesses may be able to cut their bottom line costs and become more energy efficient by creating a digital mailroom in which to store their important documents and data.

Dr Paula Owen, director of her own consultancy firm, explained that while many micro firms might not have the capital to invest in a complete overhaul of their business, they can still look at their operations and work out how to become more efficient.

“I think it is a good time to actually look at staff education and encouragement of staff to reduce costs, [by] simply turning things off when they don’t need them, turning lights off when they are not in use, reducing their use of paper and printing – just simple straight forward common sense,” she commented.

“In the past, maybe staff wouldn’t have been that bothered about cutting the costs that the company incurs, but nowadays everybody is worried about their jobs. So, the more the staff can help to keep down their operating costs, the more chance the staff are going to be in a job at the end of the year.”

Dr Owen argued that businesses should use the fuel, power and other resources available to them more frugally so that they have a cost-saving with very little outlay, except perhaps staff training.

“The returns they get on that are a lot larger than what they are investing. See where you can save money, without spending any money at all.”

Using a document scanning service is one way to save on printing costs, no matter what sector a firm operates within, as any information can be held digitally.

This includes drawings and plans, sales ledger invoices, payroll records, technical manuals and reports, personnel records, client files and brochures and photographs.