Case Studies

The WOW Clinic digitises its medical files and moves towards being a paperless clinic

The WOW Clinic is a leading Osteopathy and Wellness clinic based in West Sussex. Established in January 2014 and in its 6th successive year, it now offers not only Osteopathy but also a range of natural and non-invasive treatments to help uncover and solve physical and mental-health issues.

“Dajon helped us find a solution in a slick and professional manner. They were instrumental in the WOW clinic achieving its paperless goal.”

Oliver Curties, Founder, The Wow Clinic

The WOW clinic previously had to store upwards of 5000 physical patient medical files onsite at the medical centre in controlled and secure cabinets under lock and key. At the end of 2018, for security and compliance reasons, the clinic decided to move their patients’ data to an online system. However, as all the previous patients’ information was hand-written on note cards, the WOW clinic had encountered its first challenge – how to add historical medical files into the new online system, to make these files easily accessible to their Osteopaths.

Moreover, as the clinic strictly complies with the Osteopathic regulator, they had to ensure that all medical records must be kept for at least 7 years after the date of the last appointment.

“The task ahead of us was monumental, we had thousands and thousands of written patient records and as the practice manager I had an enormous responsibility to ensure we were compliant to the plethora of Medical Compliance around medical records and personal data but also the GDPR regulation regarding personal data. Thankfully, I was introduced to Dajon Data Management Ltd, whose solution just made the whole project seamlessly efficient and cost-effective.”

Jo Pearse, Clinic Manager

After the initial consultation with the WOW Clinic, Dajon provided a solution to securely and efficiently digitise historical medical files. This solution provided a smooth transition from their offline filing procedure to their new online system; giving access to a compliant digital view of the original patient record.

The solution enabled the clinic to accurately track and sort medical files via the patient’s full name and date of birth. Once the files entered into Dajon’s Scanning and digitisation process, it not only ensured that all the historical medical files were safely tracked for compliance, but also allowed the clinic to quickly find files as required by the Osteopaths’.

The Digitalisation of medical records now allows the team at the WOW clinic to minimise the time previously spent on administrative tasks and devote it to helping their patients with their health-related problems.