Case Studies

Digital Mailroom for Property Management

The Client is a well-established Property Management organisation based in London and the South East of England with a portfolio exceeding 1500 residential and commercial properties.

“Dajon has been providing us digital mailroom services for the past two and a half years. Since Dajon has taken on this service, we have seen a significant increase in our efficiency in handling incoming mail and our Tenant Service & Management Function.

Dajon’s response times to queries are second to none, no matter how big or small the query they will turn around a response in the most efficient manner. The staff are so helpful and courteous at all times and I can only compliment them on their superior Customer Service.

I would highly recommend Dajon’s Digital Mailroom Services to any organisation that is looking to increase efficiency while reducing costs.”

Chief Information Officer

The client was under extreme pressure to reduce operational administration and storage costs.  Due to the nature of the business being highly reliant on physical mail items, this was also determined by the high majority of tenants being from a demographic where post is still the norm.

Processing that volume of physical mail takes time. Time better spent on other tasks.  “The cost of hiring someone specifically for processing mail was far greater and time consuming than we realised”.

There are several time-consuming aspects of processing the mail. It can be difficult to determine which department a letter is for based on the recipient’s name alone. While in certain instances such a decision is easy – a bill or invoice is obviously for the Finance department – often the recipient must be looked up in a directory to determine where the letter should go.

Along with staff members working from home, who had extremely limited access to the mail. There was also the storage of physical mail items both onsite and offsite to take into consideration.

Our task involved scanning many hundreds of mail items each month.

The client set up mail redirection to divert their physical mail to Dajon’s scanning facility. Upon arrival, the post is barcoded, sorted, opened, and categorised based on sender and content.

The mail is scanned to BS10008 industry standard.

After scanning, the addressee is automatically captured from the mail item, and the relevant department is found through an automated lookup.

The digitised mail item is indexed and uploaded to Dajon’s SFTP server under the relevant department’s folder. Doing so enables staff to access the mail from anywhere in a secure manner.

  • Reduction in Headcount
  • Removed requirement for offsite storage
  • Reduced management of associated tasks enabling increased focus on core business activity
  • Increased efficiencies mean direct cost saving vs. alternatives
  • Supported transition to full electronic document management solution
  • Full externally managed audit trail