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KPMG highlights prevalence of data loss worldwide

There have been a billion data loss incidents in the past five years alone.

Most businesses will lose some form of data during their operations, whether it is a piece of unimportant paperwork or a more serious item like a client’s personal information. 

But a new survey has revealed the full extent to which data loss is becoming more prevalent all around the world as companies try to deal with more and more information from a range of sources. 

KPMG questioned firms and organisations globally and found that more than a billion people have been affected by data loss incidents in the past five years. 

The worst affected sectors were education, technology, and government – the latter perhaps not being surprising to those of you who have been reading about breaches in local authorities lately. 

Many managers are trying to get around the dangers and potential prosecutions arising from lost information by employing staff to act as inside hackers, KPMG discovered – they break into their own systems to discover loopholes. 

The efforts of well-known hackers can also be monitored by those with knowledge of the IT industry, who can then create ways of foiling them. 

However, company owners were also warned they must implement training for those who are not being employed as hackers, as all kinds of professionals are using data-rich systems during their ordinary working lives these days. 

For example, social media can betray a range of answers to security questions, while messages from people who appear to be genuine colleagues can actually be malicious. 

KPMG urged employers to be "committed to continuous improvement and adaptation", as what works against data threats today may not be of any use tomorrow. 

It comes after a survey of members of LinkedIn’s Information Security Group found that companies are concerned that the ‘bring your own device’ trend could lead to data protection problems. 

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