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The idea of clicking a button and taking the grind out of daily business actions is an appealing one. But it is possible? The simple answer is yes.

Those who work in either the travel or hotel industry often wonder how to provide guests with exceptional levels of customer service.

Although the Henn-na Hotel in Japan recently introduced a robot to greet guests, some hotels have introduced online forms and workflows to eliminate repetitive manual tasks and give staff more time to focus on guests.

Read on to discover our five key takeaways where automation has been used in the travel and hotel industry to increase customer service levels and some of the companies leading this change.

Invoice fraud - while it may not seem obvious - is becoming increasingly prevalent across many UK businesses. Experian states that SMEs in the UK alone are losing a shocking £9bn through invoice fraud, making it a top concern for businesses to put a stop to.

You may be thinking how can I prevent fraud in MY department? Using our guide, read on to find out how a digital transformation can give you the right tools and knowledge for this to happen in your department.

If you think paperless strategies only offer benefits to your organisation, your business may be failing to recognise that going paperless also offers an unlimited number of benefits to your customers.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 16:10

Integrations that work for your business

They say old habits die hard, and that is twice as true in the corporate world. Trying to convince a business to change their processes and the way they work, and introducing them to a new system is a hard sell - the first reaction to abrupt change is resistance and annoyance.